Have you ever given it a thought, to allow the recipient of your handmade gift know just how much effort you put into the creation of the gift? Well, here is something for you, because we are not just your ordinary store where you just purchase products, but would rather want to be actively part of the process involved in gifting, we have created this page that is dedicated to all of our esteemed customers who painstakingly took their time to create a handmade gift from scratch because they love the recipients.

In order to use this page, all you have to do is send us the following information, so we can upload your story, and then you would be able to send the link to your recipient. All that is required include:

All we need is;

  1. Builder’s Name
  2. Receiver’s Name
  3. Project Start Date
  4. Project End Date
  5. Duration Of Build
  6. Up to 15 photos of your assembly process
  7. Message to Receiver

Simply click on the link to share your story and let us do the work.

To: Receiver’s Name Project Start Date: DD MM YYYY Project End Date: DD MM YYYY Duration Of Build: XX Months Message To Receiver: Let us save your memory of your assembly process for you. You can then share this story with the receiver to enhance your gifting process. We’d really like to hear from you.
To: Lynn Guo Guiluan Project Start Date: 13 Nov 2018 Project End Date: 14 Feb 2019 Duration Of Build: 3 Months Message To Receiver: Happy Anniversary and Success of The Proposal Dear! I hope you like the bouquet I’ve prepared! The Peony Symbolizes love, wealth, abundance. The petals are plush! Today is the day that …
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