Creatively Unique Gift Ideas in Singapore

Creatively Unique Gift Ideas in Singapore

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Are you vacationing in Singapore or do you reside in the country, and you are looking for unique gift ideas in Singapore, you are in luck, as we have you covered. We have drafted up a list of unique gifts in Singapore that you can give your loved ones to show them that you care.

Orchid perfume

If we are to mention, unique gift ideas in Singapore, and we ignore the Orchid perfume, we would be lying. This is a great souvenir to give your loved ones because the scent is rare to see outside the country.

Singaporeans value the Orchid, and that’s why it is their national flower. Buying the Orchid perfume and giving it to your loved ones is a great way to take back Singapore with you.

A great aspect is that it comes in a number of aromas and bottles.

Merlion souvenirs

Coming to Singapore and leaving without this should be seen as a taboo. This is one of the unique personalised gifts in Singapore that you could possibly have for your loved ones back home. The merlion is a creature that roamed during the mythical time and is said to have the body of a fish while adorning the head of a lion.

This is the official mascot of Singapore. When you take back this, you will always be reminded of Singapore. You could get the Merlion in a number of objects like cigarette boxes, snow globes, lighters, can openers, photo frames, Merlion statuettes, key chains, fridge magnets, and so on. You could even see it in edibles.

Orchid red tea

In the unique gift ideas in Singapore, if we forget to add the Orchid red tea, have we really said anything? The Asians love their teas, and this can be seen with how the locals in Singapore can’t get enough of this. You could get the Orchid Tea collections; you won’t want to drink any other tea. It comes with the natural scent of the orchid petals

Coconut jam

If you are leaving Singapore, and have a foodie at home waiting for you, what better gift can you give him or her, if not food? Kaya is a unique coconut jam that is used in making sandwiches in Singapore. It is created from pandan leaves, sugar, eggs and coconut milk. You should consider taking this home with you.

Have you munched on coconut jam before you came to Singapore? There is a great chance that the answer is in the negative. When you ate the coconut jam sandwich, did you want more and more? There is a great chance that the answer is in the positive. Why not give your loved ones a similar taste that they won’t forget? A great aspect of this is that it doesn’t cost much and can be gotten anywhere in Singapore.

Laksa Paste

Singapore is one place that has awesome foods. If you are a fan of food, you won’t want to leave Singapore because your taste buds would miss the taste of Singaporean cuisines.

Since your loved ones could be travel to Singapore with you, you could bring them a part of the delicacies in the form of the Laksa Paste.

This is a Singaporean Peranakan noodle soup that is created from lemongrass, chilies, coconut, turmeric, shallots, laksa leaves, dried prawn paste, lemongrass, spices, and galanga. Are you salivating already?

It is possible to get the frozen soup base in supermarkets around.

A Gold Plated Orchid Ornament Could Do the Trick

You are probably wondering if there is anything in Singapore that isn’t made with Orchid in mind. Well, there is, but we can’t help but admire the beauty of the orchid. The orchids, as earlier mentioned, are an integral part of the Singaporean culture.

If your loved one is a fan of ornaments, a golden orchid will impress him or her.

You can get real orchids that are plated in 24K gold. They come in the form of brooches, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, and even watches. Yes, you read that right.

If you are looking for unique gifts in Singapore for your colleagues or someone else, you can consider getting them orchid display plates, pen holders, cardholders, and so on.

Asians, at large, can’t get enough of the gold. You can get them at the mall or supermarket.

Peranakan Souvenirs

There are a lot of unique gift ideas in Singapore that you can explore.

Is the person that you intend to buy the gift for, a fashionista? You should consider getting him or her the Peranakan print. This is a unique design that is worn by the Singaporean Peranakan community, and hard to see elsewhere.

It comes in a number of dresses, bags, shirts, and even pouches. If you want to give someone a corporate gift, you can consider heading to a printing shop and having a unique business card printed on it. The Peranakan print looks good in almost everything.

Singapore Sling

Drinks may great gifts, especially when they are unique and with great taste. This drink was created in the 1930s by a legend in bartending, Ngiam Tong Boon. He did this at Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar. This has turned out to be the national drink of Singapore. It comes in a number of recipes and can act as the perfect drink.

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