Our story is such an amazing one that began as an adventure in 2016. We were three friends who believed in and loved the sincerity attached to personalized handmade gifts, and then we thought it would be a good idea to come together and create a DIY community.

However, long before the adventure began, the inspiration came when one of our founders, Terence needed to get something special to celebrate his father’s birthday, and when his dad picked a design, Terence went to work and was able to creatively come up with a model ship made out of paper, and his father loved it dearly.

And it got Terence thinking: there must be people who would love to create unique gifts from scratch. The rest, as they say, is history.

As with every epic tale, we’ve had our humble beginnings. Terence, together with his 2 secondary school buddies, Cavin and JD, held the very first Blue Stone booth at Sentosa Boardwalk. The trio started with a small selection of handmade gifts and a healthy dose of optimism. They didn’t let the heavy rain – on two days of the three-day bazaar – get to them. 

Our very first item sold was the miniature dome, Romantic Paris.

Fast-forward a year later, we now have over hundreds of unique gifts and collectibles for you to start your very own DIY project. We have been able to have our collections showcased at different events like the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Garden Fest, Marina Bay, and I-Light among others.

Along the way, we’ve also met many inspirational and creative people who love to create miniature crafts from scratch.

From 9-year-olds who taught us that age isn’t the limit for creative endeavours, to a 90-year-old who shared her love for a dear friend through the gift of a handmade miniature. A 60-year old woman is not left out of the important people that inspired, as she created a DIY gift that was sent to her daughter that lived in another part of the world.

Each handmade gift and craft requires utmost dedication and patience to be lovingly put together. We know life gets in the way sometimes and that most gifts available are ready-made to cater to your convenience. And so we wish to bring back the sincerity of selfmade gifts through DIY kits. These people have shared their stories and creative works with us. We hope that you, too, will take the first step and join us in writing the rest of our story.

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