Michael Koh Ying Kai

Michael Koh Ying Kai

From: Michael Koh Ying Kai
To: Lynn Guo Guiluan
Project Start Date: 11/13/2018
Project End Date: 2/14/2019
Duration Of Build: 3 Months
Message To Giftee:

Happy Anniversary and Success of The Proposal Dear!

I hope you like the bouquet I’ve prepared! The Peony Symbolizes love, wealth, abundance. The petals are plush!

Today is the day that we got together, time really flies and its our 5th year together.

I remember fondly that that you were sitting in the corner 2nd last table on the left of the classroom during Prof Natalie’s class. I sat at the same table because i wanted to know you. When I saw you i was attracted, pulled towards you. Since then I tried my best to get your number. The time came when you were sharing your job opportunity at the HCL classroom and even though I did not want to get the job, I still took your number.

I remember our first museum visit together at MBS with the Egyptian kings exhibit and we went to the bar at MBS to listen to the band Cats in the Cradle while savoring a glass of Mojito. It was relaxing and we had all the time in the world to be together.

I remember the time at Mount Faber which is and will still be our Between Display Picture. It was dark, quiet, windy. But we were together. And thats all that mattered.

You are patient, kind and thoughtful. When I am down, you are always there for me. I enjoy all of our trips overseas together, when we huddle in the cold, cuddle in the bed.

Let’s enjoy the rest of our lives together!


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