Acrylic Display Box #18


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This product adopts polymer super-transparent acrylic material and adopts card-mounted quick-fit puzzle combination structure.
It is an essential equipment for users to collect or give gifts after assembling metal models.
It contains 6 pieces of puzzles, including 4 sides of front, back, left and right, a top plate and a bottom plate providing a full-angle viewing effect.
This product has good connections, no need for tools, simple installation, strong splicing.
It will give your assembled metal model more collectible value.
It is also a great accessory for collection and gifting to friends and family!

Material: Acrylic (Grade A)

Acrylic Thickness: 3mm

Assembled Dimensions: L15 x W15 x H19.5

Suitable for: Knight Of Firmament, Merry Go Round, The Monkey King, The Imperial Guard, Merry Go Round Blue, Merry Go Round Pink, Floating Castle, Chapel Couple In Love


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