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Our unique wedding workshop will leave your guests entertained and excited. Perhaps you do not want to entertain only the adults; there is something for the children too. Most times, wedding receptions are stereotyped, and thus everyone thinks there is a particular way that wedding receptions should be. However, you can break away from the stereotype and give your guests an experience that they will always remember. Interestingly, each guest/participant will get something unique, in the form of a DIY Lighted Glass Ball  that will be a product of the participant’s creativity. It is quite amazing that getting a setup like that is affordable.

The customer will enjoy the following exclusive offers specifically for the Lighted Glass Ball Session

  • Each pax will cost $28.80/pax (Usual price is $32)
  • Additional discounts should you sign up with additional vendor at the event
  • 1 additional vendor $27.20/pax (15% off)
  • 2 additional vendors $25.60/pax (20% off)
  • 3 additional vendors $24.00/pax (25% off)
  • Each couple will receive a customised Lighted Paper Art Frame worth $89.90
  • Free customised stickers for the wedding reception to be pasted on mementos.
  • The aforementioned offers are valid for 2 years upon confirmation

Terms and Conditions:

  • Engagement of services is for a minimum of 30 Pax (Customers will still enjoy the exclusive offers for additional pax after confirmation.)
  • Confirmation must be made by 7 Mar 2020 to enjoy the exclusive offers
  • A non-refundable deposit of $72 must be made upon confirmation by 7 Mar 2020
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