Unique Gift Ideas Singapore

Unique Gift Ideas Singapore

Gift ideas for your loved one is not an easy thing to get. We have a lot of choices these days and getting the best gift is quite a difficult task. Presents from shops and supermarkets are most times not enough for your special someone. This is because the sentiments and value of the present are not those bought.

From this article, you would see lists of unique personalised gifts ideas for your loved one in Singapore.

  • A personalised Totebag or a T-shirt- Streaks n Strokes

At Streaks n Strokes, you would get to see an art jamming session that lets you easily get beautiful designs on either a tote bag or a T-shirt that you can use to surprise your loved ones. You could simply make this gift for either your girlfriend, boyfriend or even your kids and they would love it. All they have to do is paint their favourite superhero character, football team or cartoon character. From this, the paint on the T-shirt would pop out.

Even though you are new to art Streaks n Strokes aids with designer stencils. So even if you can’t draw, simply bring a photo and your package would be done.

Sold for $29.90/pax. You can paint on Baby Rompers, T-shirts and Tote Bags.

  • Crafting Leather Workshop – SemiColon Works

If you are into leather crafting and your loved ones are into it too, it is great to learn the ways of stitching leather so you would get to create something magnificent for yourself and your loved one. At the end of the crafting leather workshop, you could take home a special leather pencil case or a new cardholder.

It is sold for $150 for 2 pax

  • Leather Products from The Gold Press

If you are not a fan of the previous unique gift ideas Singapore, you could give them other presents like cardholders, key chains, lanyards too. These are awesome gifts for a birthday boy or girl.

  • Personalised Passport Cover and Luggage Tag – The Imprint

If you have a loved one who is consumed with being happy, a personalised unique gift pole a passport cover or a tag on their luggage. This could be customized with the name of your loved one on it. Veteran globetrotters would love this trendy present. It would allow them to shoot shots with the use of their passport through the backdrop of the window in an airplane.

  • Geometric Stationery Holder Workshop – Everything concrete.

This geometric stationery holder is created with concrete. If you attend the number of hours you need to be at the workshop and enjoy it, you could easily make a special holder for your stationery. Here you can learn how to make moulds, get good pieces of art and also learn how to cast. This is also a great bonding session for your loved one and you.

It is sold for $75 per pax

  • The wristwatch from Daniel Wellington

A lot of people love wristwatches. It is a very unique gift for either your husband or your wife. Even your young ones would love to have digital kids watch on their hands. They’ll always appreciate it and add it to their collection.

  • Personalised Cufflinks

Cufflinks are necessary for any male native attire. For those who work professionally, it could be used for their suits and formal wear. You could intentionally put their initials on their cufflinks. It would be nice and they would treasure you for this present.

With these, you get a fine list of gift ideas that are unique in Singapore.

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