Why Should You Buy Singapore Novelty Gifts?

Why Should You Buy Singapore Novelty Gifts?

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One thing that a lot of people have in common is receiving a novelty gift or souvenir when a relative or friend comes back from a journey. There is a great chance that you received it a lot when you were younger and even as an adult. As a kid, there was the chance that you got dollhouse miniatures from that you’re Uncle or Aunt that flew in from Singapore or other parts of the world.

As an adult, there is a chance that when you travel out of your country or your state, you should come with a novelty gift like dollhouse miniatures for your niece.

If you have been to Singapore, and you left without packaging Singapore novelty gifts for your loved ones, can we say you committed a taboo?

Singapore is one place that has a lot of cultural items that you can take back with you as Singapore novelty gifts. It could be Singaporean Sling, a popular alcoholic drink that is so tasteful to the extent that you won’t want more and more. It could be the unique dollhouse miniatures for your niece that has been waiting patiently for you to come home from your journey.

It could be the Peranakan print in clothes, bags and even business items that are unseen anywhere else in the world.

Below are some reasons you should get Singapore novelty gifts like a dollhouse miniature.

You Know Who Made It

When you buy a Singapore novelty gifts, you are buying into the dream of the artisans that crafted it. You can learn a lot from them, as well as the novelty gift itself. This gives you great tales that you can share with both your family members and friends. 

You store a memory

Do you know that getting a Singapore novelty gift allows you to store a part of the memory in it? When you stare at your niece or daughter playing the dollhouse miniatures, you can smile and remember an incident that happened while you procured it. You can remember the delicious cuisine that you had munched on before you bought it. It can be your flash drive for the memories you made in the beautiful country of Singapore. 

You are reminded of someone that you left at home.

When you buy a Singapore novelty gift, you do so because you think it may fit the person that you are buying it for. Let’s say that you are looking to buy a gift for an animal lover, a sloth key chain may do the trick, especially if the person loves sloth. Let’s say, you are seeking for a gift for a liquor connoisseur, bottles of Singapore Sling won’t be a bad idea. Let’s say, you have a niece waiting for you, a miniature dollhouse won’t be a bad idea. One great thing is that you don’t have to give them immediately you return.  You can save it up for their birthday. 

It allows you bask in a good deal

When you buy something that is unique to a country in that country, there is a great chance that you may get it in a good deal.

This is because it is made locally, hence is more affordable than when you buy it in your country, where it is alien to. It could also because of the currency conversion rate. Why should you turn down a good deal when it avails itself? An example is a Peranakan print that is made by the Peranakan community of Singapore.  

It employs someone

When you buy novelty gifts, you are putting foods on the table of someone or a group of people. It supports their business and keeps working harder and harder to make a way of themselves. Singapore novelty gifts do not cost a lot, and won’t tear your pocket. Why not get a gift that your loved one will love you more for, while you put a smile on the face of the makers?

Sometimes, when you hear the stories behind the creation of the gifts, you will be amazed. 

It is gorgeous

When something is beautiful, you have no option but stare at it. Buying souvenirs for your loved ones and even yourself can go a long way in beautifying your house. Let’s say, a friend comes over, you can easily catch their attention with it, and tell the tale behind it. It would definitely make great handmade birthday gift ideas as well.

It is cheesy

Getting a souvenir for yourself or your loved ones may be seen as cheesy. Yea, we agree. Do you know that sometimes the cheesiest action is the best? Sometimes, you have to embrace the fact that you are a tourist and you want a piece of the country you visited back with you while you head home. There is nothing wrong with that. Enjoy life and spread your wings. Have fun, and bring that fun with you back to your home country in the form of Singaporean novelty gifts.

It will become a part of your collection


For someone that loves to travel, you may have already started amassing your souvenir set. Adding one from a country like Singapore won’t be a bad idea, truth is told. You can always look back at your souvenir collection and pat yourself at the back for a job well done. 

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