At Blue Stone Crafts, it may interest you to know that we have amazing workshops too including workshops for corporate team building, birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc. If you have a passion for craft, and are ready to do something about it, then we are glad to inform you that we are here for you to help you put your passion to good use.

If you are on your own or with just a buddy and with no better place to go to but to have a space to work on some craft, we may have the solution for you. Simply give us a ring at +65 9112 4345 to book a space for yourself. With extra parts and tools you can help yourself with, and a craft ambassador available to help you along the way, we are giving away 1 hour FREE for every $25 spent on any of our products and workshop hours. Subsequent hours if you intend to continue, will be just $5.50/hour. Pay only as much as you need!

Alternatively, we can move our workshops to your intended locations. See the rest of the information below to find out more!


Is your child’s birthday celebration around the corner? Then you really need us to bring some magic to the occasion with our DIY team building activities. Let us make it colorful with our workshop of unique and amazing DIY musical boxes. You do not need to go over the top with your preparations, all you need to do is contact us, let us know your venue, and then allow us deal with the rest. It may interest you to know that our workshops for birthday parties will have each participant getting a lighted musical box, and a collection of figurines for the participants to expand their imaginations and creativity.


Are you planning a wedding reception anytime soon, and want something unique? We have wonderful DIY ideas that would leave your guests entertained and excited. Perhaps you do not want to entertain only the adults; there is something for the children too. Most times, wedding receptions are stereotyped, and thus everyone thinks there is a particular way that wedding receptions should be. However, you can break away from the stereotype and give your guests an experience that they will always remember. Interestingly, each guest/participant will get something unique, in the form of a DIY musical box that will be a product of the participant’s creativity. It is quite amazing that getting a setup like that is affordable. All you have to do to get us involved is to connect us with your wedding planner, and we are more than prepared to work with them through the planning process, until the actualization and success of the occasion. Your wedding reception deserves to be a memorable one, and we are committed to contributing our quota, in order to be part of those amazing memories.


We cannot overemphasize how important team building is, however, the process of finding the right activity that will facilitate the process of team building can be a really daunting task, and that is why we are your trusted solution provider for this type of challenge. We will employ the DIY approach, and thus create the ambiance needed for effective DIY team building activities among the participants. The whole process is designed to be interesting, and that invariably means that the participants will enjoy the DIY processes involved. Furthermore, each participant will be privileged to take away a paper art frame that is beautifully designed, and which will also accentuate the décor of the home or office. We understand the value of corporate team building and have everything in place to ensure that the best teams are built effectively and efficiency.

We'd love to bring DIY to your event!

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